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  • Submitted by dontfuckwithme on Dec 26, 10 at 12:21pm

    you're welcome..

  • Submitted by chapdaddy on Dec 26, 10 at 2:27pm

    I'm tellin y'all, he does exist. Look back at your wishlist. Number uno? ...bong.

  • Submitted by ReesFarrington on Dec 26, 10 at 11:01am

    Now if they only had it full of herb..

  • Submitted by jasboo on Dec 26, 10 at 12:21pm

    i love that jolly fat bastard!

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    Submitted by dave10688 on Jan 2, 11 at 12:04am

    haha lucky bastard

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    Submitted by Jiro117 on Dec 29, 10 at 11:34pm

    Fuck yea dont complain!! Why doesnt this shit happen to me?

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    Submitted by ATrueDiamond on Dec 26, 10 at 3:58pm

    hahaha we all no what u did next.

  • Submitted by gtfo_asshats on Dec 26, 10 at 3:31pm

    There was a post a day or two ago about someone jumping on Santa's lap and asking for a bong. He IS real!

  • Submitted by boofzguy on Dec 27, 10 at 1:33am

    It shudda been red-striped like a candy cane hahaha