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  • They make garter belts that hold flasks. Google it.

    Submitted by ynorum on Dec 16, 10 at 1:45pm
    • My wedding wasn't dry, but my bridesmaids and I had them. They were AWESOME!

      Submitted by mostlysunnymj on Dec 16, 10 at 9:19pm
  • Pocket shots my friend. Google that shit.

    Submitted by kgawalis on Dec 16, 10 at 9:33am
  • Thigh highs + flasks? Or maybe have you heard of a purse?

    Submitted by 307703 on Dec 16, 10 at 12:59pm
  • They exist!!! my bridesmaid did it and drank hard a durign the ceremony

    Submitted by mxgirl18 on Dec 16, 10 at 12:13pm
  • ... only reasonable reason I can think of for a dry wedding because they had to pay a HUGE deposit on the hall and with what I've seen happen during wedding receptions they'd likely not get it back. ;)

    Submitted by peaches44 on Dec 16, 10 at 4:40pm
  • Well played jersey

    Submitted by DuckLand on Dec 16, 10 at 10:44pm
  • Idk I had a dry wedding and everyone survived. My husband's family has an issue with alcoholism and if people cried about it it's their own selfish problem.

    Submitted by meganmegan on Dec 18, 10 at 9:23pm
  • Reading these comments from these drunken whores, no wonder theres so many divorces.

    Submitted by mrgemini on Dec 20, 10 at 7:29pm
  • The point is they gotta thump their bibles and make everyone else sad...

    Submitted by SserPrun95 on Dec 16, 10 at 10:08am