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  • Submitted by mmmboy_80085 on Dec 5, 10 at 6:03pm

    imagine them saying "them crumblies" in a voice similar to that of sling blade

    • Submitted by lori_ann87 on Dec 6, 10 at 12:53am

      that's funny... that is actually how I imagined them saying it before I looked at the comments.

  • Submitted by taylortunetracy on Dec 5, 10 at 3:49pm

    I've definitely done something similar to this before haha

    • Submitted by said8ED on Dec 6, 10 at 3:16am

      hahaha, some of us have been there!

  • Submitted by kesha123 on Dec 7, 10 at 5:14pm

    this is the funniest thing i've ever heard. it made me cry i was laughing so hard. and im still laughing at it

  • Submitted by soko on Dec 5, 10 at 3:30pm

    Cookie Monster!

  • Submitted by yourbiggestfan11 on Dec 6, 10 at 2:18am

    Haha that's funny!

  • Submitted by CAbro on Jan 24, 11 at 2:23am

    idk why but this is one of my favorites i've seen on here haha

  • Submitted by thirstyk on Dec 5, 10 at 5:40pm

    omg thats hillarious!!! i love drunk ppl

  • Submitted by squared on Dec 6, 10 at 7:01am

    This is even funnier if you've seen burlesque...