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  • This whole : first / hired / fired shit makes your dick look useless. You might as well walk around telling people they are the weakest link. These are the same idiots who talk just to hear their own voice and take forever to say nothing. Just a tip.

    Submitted by lowther on Nov 25, 10 at 4:37pm
  • Look good while almost puking? Looks like you got some beer goggles aimed at yourself

    Submitted by assman on Nov 26, 10 at 1:18am
  • @loather your being a bitch fired girl that looks good while puking you fired puking is for b!tches rick_Scott hiring and firing in the same post your fired!

    Submitted by fuck_rick_scott on Nov 25, 10 at 10:44pm
    • a little punctuation MIGHT make that readable

      Submitted by said8ED on Nov 26, 10 at 3:26pm
  • Can you get fuck while puking? If you can then you are the cunt I want to marry

    Submitted by Misssbarry on Nov 26, 10 at 4:29am
  • At fuck Rick Scott: I was just trying to help you not be such a little faggy annoying bitch. But clearly it's important to you that you act that way. Continue firing dicklips.

    Submitted by lowther on Nov 26, 10 at 9:14am
  • Keep at it! Maybe by this time next year you might not be quite so fucking ugly...

    Submitted by ttesroD on Nov 25, 10 at 9:23pm
    • Don't drink it if you can't hold it. Rookies

      Submitted by said8ED on Nov 26, 10 at 1:40pm
  • The only thing worst than rick scott are the rick scott posers on every posts trying to get fucking attention. GTFO!

    Submitted by bandkid27 on Nov 26, 10 at 12:56am
  • Being able to look at you without puking is a skill as said below Fired!!

    Submitted by Anonymous on Nov 25, 10 at 11:29pm
  • Nunchuck skills. Computer hacking skills. Vomiting in a flattering manner skills. Fired.

    Submitted by rick_scott on Nov 25, 10 at 8:08pm
  • I doubt your fat ass looks decent SOBER...your prolly a disgusting hot mess when your dunk!

    Submitted by dualtwinkies on Nov 26, 10 at 12:03am
  • Puking and looking good is a marketable skill to high-end business men as to show you know where to get classy, lush whores. Hired!

    Submitted by new_rick_scott on Nov 25, 10 at 6:28pm
  • Puking makes me FIRSTY. Hired

    Submitted by richard_scott on Nov 25, 10 at 4:08pm
  • Not developed enough... You're suspended without pay!

    Submitted by sethisback1 on Nov 25, 10 at 4:36pm