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  • Must have been hard to type with your mouth full?

    Submitted by travelmanic on Oct 26, 10 at 7:24am
  • Slob on my knob/like corn on the cobb/check in wit me/then do ya job... Hahaha

    Submitted by famlytree on Oct 25, 10 at 4:21pm
  • The question remains...who was blowing him?

    Submitted by jrm261 on Oct 25, 10 at 8:32pm
  • Be proud of your dad, most old guys dont get head anymore. Unless youre jealous, then you have some other problems Oedipus.

    Submitted by Manupbeotch on Oct 25, 10 at 6:20pm
    • ehh, Oedipus has already been brought into the comments conversation before..i think once is enough

      Submitted by <3 on Oct 25, 10 at 8:53pm
  • Sorry I'll be over your house later. 215 and decatur right?

    Submitted by R2DeepThroat on Oct 25, 10 at 5:40pm
  • well...this could either be really rad or really gross. if it was your dad hitting a fat bong then awesome. if it was someone taking your dads cock down their throat, gross.

    Submitted by rooster92 on Oct 26, 10 at 3:54am
  • WTF. How loud and how do you know?

    Submitted by Michguy on Oct 25, 10 at 7:18pm
  • Better to have a healthy sex life than none at all... Unless he was skull fu cking someone...

    Submitted by vermonter on Oct 25, 10 at 7:17pm
  • I just want to say I'm sorry, but I hope that you get even luckier at your dads age.

    Submitted by skiplicious on Oct 25, 10 at 11:31pm
  • well if it was by your mom its bad, but if it was some one else would it be better?

    Submitted by steeldude on Oct 25, 10 at 4:35pm
  • Move out?

    Submitted by nmstew on Oct 25, 10 at 11:42pm
  • Well, u shouldn't be trying to listen that stuff. It's ur fault ur dad got game.

    Submitted by Doc_P on Oct 26, 10 at 5:53am
  • Ewww

    Submitted by moonssnitexo on Oct 25, 10 at 8:18pm
  • U guys r fucken dumb. He was getting not getting his dick sucked.

    Submitted by AJ89 on Oct 26, 10 at 12:47pm
  • ...Is this Sam?

    Submitted by Glowey707 on Jun 5, 11 at 9:20pm
  • life SUCKS.

    Submitted by ohcrap_13 on Oct 26, 10 at 12:09pm
  • Hahah firsty! Hilarious

    Submitted by sorryboutcha11 on Oct 25, 10 at 2:38pm
  • Great, now make me a sandwich.

    Submitted by hogfish on Sep 25, 12 at 8:51pm