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  • Maybe change your bad habits seasonally?

    Submitted by archer79 on Oct 24, 10 at 4:18pm
  • Your heart stopping will completely hinder it.

    Submitted by JJdoggie on Oct 24, 10 at 3:47pm
  • I empathize with you. The negative people are just mad cause they dont know where to get it.

    Submitted by erk123 on Oct 26, 10 at 3:17am
  • that's a sign you shouln't do cocaine

    Submitted by nosidero on Oct 24, 10 at 3:11pm
  • Do us all a favor and do just a little bit too much next time.

    Submitted by dumsumbitch on Oct 24, 10 at 9:37pm
  • smokers use normal inhalers.. Vicks made little nose inhalers for people like us. my friend showed me it and at first i was like wtf nahh. it's legit though.

    Submitted by brittnj on Oct 24, 10 at 10:31pm
  • Then stop being a pussy smoke or shoot it. It will also save money since you aren't wasting by snorting it.

    Submitted by hitinthc1 on Oct 24, 10 at 5:01pm
  • Go suck my dick

    Submitted by giantone on Oct 24, 10 at 4:42pm
  • Addict?

    Submitted by Lavender69 on Oct 24, 10 at 10:04pm