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  • "Your new wife gives me a boner"

    Submitted by taternater on Oct 18, 10 at 5:00pm
  • not as bad as the bridesmaid at my cousins wedding giving her speech telling about the time the bride taught her what jets in hot tubs are "REALLY" used for...

    Submitted by crich897 on Oct 18, 10 at 8:33pm
  • "Congrats dude... that suit you were wearing gave me a boner"

    Submitted by stevebauer on Oct 18, 10 at 4:24pm
  • Wedding dresses gimme one.......NOT always, though.

    Submitted by said8ED on Oct 18, 10 at 6:37pm
  • Nope

    Submitted by mr_sphincter on Oct 18, 10 at 9:30pm
  • " I'm glad that your happy to be marrying your cousin, but that cake gave me a boner".

    Submitted by TheRuleBook on Oct 18, 10 at 7:36pm
  • Try having the last name " bonner" and being from eastern ky. Every card we got at our wedding had " boner" written on it. I don't know if our guests were immature or illiterate.

    Submitted by sbbonner on Oct 21, 10 at 3:39am
  • Your wife's feet give me want to bone her

    Submitted by niceman on Oct 19, 10 at 12:27pm
  • And I hope your honeymoon boner is really something special!

    Submitted by hot_dude5 on Oct 18, 10 at 10:42pm