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  • If it's a Clark Air, size 10M and you really do live in Philly, then there's a great possibility that I know where your shoe is.

    Submitted by simplythekid on Oct 13, 10 at 7:52pm
  • it happens leave where you where with both on and wake up and your shoe is gone without a trace

    Submitted by laramieb90 on Oct 13, 10 at 1:24pm
  • Stitch took it.

    Submitted by Taipan on Oct 13, 10 at 2:49pm
  • I've lost both of my shoes before.

    Submitted by Coley_815 on Oct 13, 10 at 11:56am
  • Don't worry, man. My friend lost both her boots when the cops came one night and when she went to get them back a few days later, she found out that the guy she was sleeping with who owned the place had a girlfriend who subsequently took her boots and threw them out the window of their second-floor apartment into a trash bin.

    Submitted by kittyo9 on Oct 13, 10 at 12:01pm
  • Lame

    Submitted by lm27 on Oct 13, 10 at 10:38am
  • Who cares..... Go phillies!!!

    Submitted by dmaw1024 on Oct 14, 10 at 11:19am