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  • Submitted by stevebauer on Sep 21, 10 at 2:43pm

    Is Chex Mix slang for herpes?

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    Submitted by mauiwowie on Sep 21, 10 at 5:33pm

    Brought a little snack in case you got hungry, or stole the chex from him..?

  • Submitted by kaylovely on Sep 21, 10 at 3:47pm

    And how exactly do you get herpes on your chest?please, do tell.

  • Submitted by DoNotObey on Sep 21, 10 at 7:54pm

    What does this mean?!?!

  • Submitted by sup3rmanw1ll on Sep 21, 10 at 2:46pm

    How can this possibly be a good night? Sounds gross...

  • Submitted by lexbomb on Sep 21, 10 at 3:48pm

    Motorboat Bonus!

  • Submitted by h8whores on Sep 21, 10 at 11:23pm

    Ah the sneaky "save some for later" whore

  • Submitted by ivioo on Sep 22, 10 at 5:52am

    does she save snacks up her snatch?