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  • Submitted by LegalizeMe on Sep 10, 10 at 10:49am

    You smoke and didn't know how to clean the bowl already? Newbie.

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    Submitted by bluOrgy on Sep 10, 10 at 10:43am

    ...your moms pretty cool

  • Submitted by forrest93 on Sep 11, 10 at 6:59am

    bitch got skiiiills

  • Submitted by K66Aggression on Sep 10, 10 at 10:00am

    the ultimate munchy gift package. a woman who cooks for you when you're stoned

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    Submitted by krickett on Sep 11, 10 at 6:21pm

    I might not smoke BUT I'm not seeing how this is a thumbs down moment??

  • Submitted by ilikcheez on Sep 12, 10 at 1:33am

    @leafoden I'm notbeing sarcastic when I say that was clever

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    Submitted by TheHerbalist on Sep 11, 10 at 2:48am

    @LegalizeMe Come on now, think back to when you first started smoking... Someone had to tell you that rubbing alcohol and salt works like a champ. If you refute this you're straight up lying.

  • Submitted by leafoden on Sep 10, 10 at 9:44am

    I bet she and I have the same power animal. Martha Stewart.

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    Submitted by jojoboo1 on Sep 10, 10 at 3:39pm

    Gramma's make the best cookies