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  • Thorn covered dildos.. Bahhhhhhaa

    Submitted by blite on Sep 3, 10 at 12:10pm
  • You're evil people who will die miserable and alone.

    Submitted by karenina on Sep 3, 10 at 9:56am
  • Pathetic whores. You must be pretty unhappy with your life to want to screw with other peoples happiness. I hope your karma is a BITCH!

    Submitted by bitchirep407 on Sep 4, 10 at 12:39am
  • Chill out people

    Submitted by monicaluv on Dec 12, 10 at 3:26am
  • I have to hope there's a special ring in Hell for people like these.... Hopefully involving thorn covered dildos and what not.

    Submitted by lovehendrixvodka on Sep 3, 10 at 10:55am
  • Nasty whores!!!

    Submitted by pinklady on Sep 3, 10 at 10:17am
  • I wonder what has to be wrong with you that you'd want to destroy other peoples' happiness for absolutely no reason other than for shits and giggles.

    Submitted by Taipan on Sep 3, 10 at 10:38am
  • Pwnd. Noobs.

    Submitted by lolzorific on Sep 3, 10 at 9:49am
  • High Five.!!

    Submitted by dearlyxdemented on Sep 3, 10 at 11:10am
  • Were you dropped on your head as a child or did you just eat a lot of lead paint?

    Submitted by archer79 on Sep 3, 10 at 12:15pm