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  • Submitted by bluegirl25 on Sep 1, 10 at 12:07pm

    That’s not pregaming, you’re just an alcoholic.

  • Submitted by texasbeast on Sep 2, 10 at 2:38pm

    Bad decision 39: letting stupid website guy continue plugging such a crappy domain

  • Submitted by Rumpelstiltskin on Sep 1, 10 at 1:55pm

    You break it, you buy it.

  • Submitted by ese_suerte_loco on Sep 1, 10 at 11:40am

    Pregaming a patio furniture store is pretty fun though. Trust me haha.

  • Submitted by GhettoKitty on Sep 2, 10 at 8:57am

    Bad decision 38: not having a life

  • Submitted by Le_Todd on Sep 1, 10 at 12:45pm

    I love how ur apparently cognizant enough to have kept a numbered list of your bad decisions.