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  • Submitted by K66Aggression on Sep 1, 10 at 9:42am

    now thats muscle memory right there

  • 90 95
    Submitted by fawkme on Sep 5, 10 at 2:32am

    In soviet Russia zipper unzips you

  • Submitted by anna1020 on Sep 1, 10 at 3:26pm

    Sooo chill... All I have to say

  • Submitted by IMGr8NU on Sep 1, 10 at 11:05am

    You had to ask someone drunk off their ass for help unzipping ur pants. Sad.

  • Submitted by maskedman on Sep 1, 10 at 9:19am

    They couldn't hold their head up because of shame, but it often gets confused with skills.