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  • Submitted by NikkiBear on Aug 26, 10 at 3:07pm

    Well, if you have two boyfriends and cheated on them both... Then you're a whore.

    • Submitted by thundermedic on Aug 26, 10 at 3:36pm

      She is only a whore if she cheated on them with another boy. If it was with a girl, then there can be forgiveness...

  • Submitted by ilovewhores on Aug 26, 10 at 4:34pm

    you and me and her and her, simultaneous lovin baby!

  • Submitted by archer79 on Aug 26, 10 at 4:33pm

    Double dog whore

  • Submitted by Biznatch on Aug 26, 10 at 3:11pm


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    Submitted by benkei21 on Aug 26, 10 at 10:10pm


  • Submitted by ohnomo on Aug 26, 10 at 6:16pm

    Wow...what a skank ass whore

  • Submitted by ImKeithStone on Aug 27, 10 at 2:27am

    Are you guys talking about Bill Brasky? I KNOW Bill Brasky!

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    Submitted by MissGi on Aug 26, 10 at 9:45pm

    Hey. If she a whore. Be a proud one. Some guys deserves it.

  • Submitted by emmykb on Aug 27, 10 at 12:23am

    fuck relationships