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  • I love my male roommate. We smoke and fuck at least 3 times a week.

    Submitted by Seememyway on Aug 25, 10 at 1:44pm
  • But other than that it must be great, right? And don't worry, eventually you'll build up enough friendship to ask him, and have drunk sex with him.

    Submitted by Anonyrnous on Aug 25, 10 at 11:49am
  • Just wait til op needs to ask for some tamps on the next walmart run. That is if the preggers test is negative.

    Submitted by scum_bag on Aug 25, 10 at 12:18pm
  • Firsty went back to elementary school where he fuckin belongs!!! May the gods be praised and the people rejoice!

    Submitted by tangerineballs on Aug 25, 10 at 11:02pm
  • Sorry. Not buying one for anyone other than the people I bang, chica.

    Submitted by Le_Todd on Aug 25, 10 at 12:05pm
  • What a way to represent Philly.

    Submitted by Savannnah on Aug 26, 10 at 5:12am
  • Where oh where has my firsty fone

    Submitted by sorryboutcha11 on Aug 25, 10 at 11:57am