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  • Submitted by blackhalfrican on Aug 25, 10 at 10:52am

    @major when shit gets real.

  • Submitted by LegalizeMe on Aug 25, 10 at 10:03am

    I congratulate you. When I'm really high I just want drunk people to shut the fuck up and go away.

  • Submitted by devyd1044 on Aug 25, 10 at 11:36pm

    Story of my life!!!!!!!

  • Submitted by vampyregrl on Aug 25, 10 at 1:12pm

    That sounds crazy. It would have been cool to hear it

  • Submitted by Nanniepoo on Aug 25, 10 at 10:25pm

    As intense as a double rainbow?

  • Submitted by cheesewhiz on Aug 25, 10 at 9:44am

    Incest, yum

  • Submitted by majorpayne89 on Aug 25, 10 at 10:39am

    Exactly what point is it when you've crossed the threshold from stoned to super stoned?

  • Submitted by codegrl on Aug 25, 10 at 9:57am

    Also pretty sure that this text mentioned nothing sexual about their conversation....just sayin..

  • Submitted by patmans13 on Aug 25, 10 at 9:49am

    Well actually cheese if she married into the family it's not incest... Just sayin

  • Submitted by butternuggets on Aug 27, 10 at 12:38pm

    Fucking hilarious.

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Aug 25, 10 at 5:47pm

    But u just KNOW it got sexay!