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  • Submitted by saygoodnight666 on Aug 15, 10 at 12:03am

    She is the future cat lady that smokes catnip and imagines she gets high..

  • Submitted by ronasokily on Aug 14, 10 at 1:21pm

    so sad. she should use her voice for something other than a cat.

  • Submitted by maskedman on Aug 14, 10 at 1:24pm

    After she sang to your pussy did you sing into hers?

  • Submitted by discosucks on Aug 14, 10 at 1:11pm

    Future cat lady?

  • Submitted by Reran on Aug 14, 10 at 1:33pm

    Well wat did the cat think?

  • Submitted by angelofdarkness on Aug 19, 10 at 2:15pm

    What she sing?

  • Submitted by drunky0817 on Aug 15, 10 at 10:03am

    I would be so sure she was singing to the pussy....... O_O

  • Submitted by zoeythepenguin on Aug 14, 10 at 1:15pm

    Thirty years from now...retired pop singer and current single cat lady with forty feline friends

  • Submitted by smartgrrl on Aug 14, 10 at 1:28pm

    @Zoey hahaha...nice.

  • Submitted by FattyMcTubkins on Aug 14, 10 at 2:03pm

    Wait, the cat or the girl has a beautiful voice?