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  • Submitted by stolenduck43 on Aug 1, 10 at 2:05pm

    you have officially reached maximum slutitude if an 11 year old can recognise what you are

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Aug 1, 10 at 9:24pm

    Wow, firsty. Two comments? Like being shot on two different occasions

  • Submitted by arthurlux on Aug 1, 10 at 2:04pm

    How observant of him.

  • Submitted by gtfo_asshats on Aug 1, 10 at 3:27pm

    Hey, he calls 'em like he sees 'em. Out of the mouths of babes. . . .

  • Submitted by MusicILY on Aug 1, 10 at 6:41pm

    I hope people realize that this site was funnier when it wasn't all about drinking or sex. This one is pretty funny though, haha that's pretty bad. But seriously. And if you people are gonna comment on it, at least have it be somewhat about the text..

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    Submitted by ilovewhores on Aug 1, 10 at 4:19pm

    smart kid

  • Submitted by firsty on Aug 1, 10 at 2:04pm

    These margaritas are making me Firsty

  • Submitted by mintyshake on Aug 4, 10 at 7:19pm

    Out of the mouths of babes.....

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    Submitted by urallstupid on Aug 2, 10 at 6:11pm

    Thats something to think about.

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    Submitted by SashaJackson20 on Jan 11, 11 at 9:52am

    Lmfao I know the margarita slut in question

  • Submitted by evanescentghost on Aug 1, 10 at 11:49pm

    Might be a female eleven year old...

  • Submitted by AlwaysHoping on Aug 1, 10 at 8:15pm

    I would love to find a margarita slut. My kind of gal!

  • Submitted by Pernski on Aug 1, 10 at 2:07pm

    These 11 year olds are making me thirsty