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  • Knives not knifes

    Submitted by fukuda on Jul 4, 10 at 7:42am
  • Not every person texts like they're typing a paper. I agree that it's annoying, but if every text was grammatically correct, I'd have a hard time believing it to be real. You who complain would also start bitching about them being real if they were all proper. So continue to complain, you'll find something to correct anyway.

    Submitted by An0n on Jul 4, 10 at 6:25pm
  • Sounds painful, like how horribly painful this text is.

    Submitted by pichu180 on Jul 4, 10 at 7:41am
  • Why do all of you people insist on correcting others on their grammar on these things? You really do realize that you're much much more annoying than an improper use of your and you're or WTF ever we have to read about because you were so neglected in school and made fun of you INSIST on acting like your so smart. besides your and you're are pronounced exactly the same!!! Different meaning but if you must just read these things outloud... Better yet don't read em!!!! Your not smart!!!!!

    Submitted by RemoRockinFool on Jul 4, 10 at 8:22am
    • You're. Now if we WERE reading them out loud then you're right, it wouldn't matter because they do sound the same but alas, this is TEXTS from last night, not "stories being told about last night so it doesn't matter that I don't give a fuck about how to spell properly".

      Submitted by heavenfrog23 on Jul 4, 10 at 10:45am
  • First kids

    Submitted by Crosdon on Jul 4, 10 at 7:03am
  • hahahaha this is my text! that was a fun night and sorry i offended anyone with my spelling but....who cares?!?! i was still wasted anyways. much love to everyone :)

    Submitted by jessilynnzee on Jul 5, 10 at 11:32pm
  • One final fight, for this tonight With knives and pens, we've made our plight I can't go on without your love, you lost, you never held on. We tried your best... turn out the light, turn out the light.

    Submitted by APromiseToBurn on Jul 4, 10 at 8:27am