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  • Vader. That's the wrong drug to use Speedy Gonzalez.

    Submitted by arthurlux on Jun 30, 10 at 2:29pm
  • I'd go with Darth Vador since it's a depressant and he breathes slow. Speedy Gonzales should hold some kind of stimulant

    Submitted by laf24 on Jun 30, 10 at 3:37pm
  • Vader. Duh.

    Submitted by sunburnbaby on Jul 1, 10 at 3:27am
  • yay Indy! so Where can i get me some of that? :)

    Submitted by BariSaxy10 on Jul 1, 10 at 1:26am
  • Who the fuck refers to it as hydrocodone? Clearly have no clue what they're talking about seeing as the pills are too big for that

    Submitted by jondime23 on Jun 30, 10 at 5:32pm
  • Oh Indy. We are proud!!

    Submitted by hurst on Jun 30, 10 at 11:42pm
  • Might as well put them in a pez dispenser, since you will get a similar effect to eating a regular pez.

    Submitted by notTexan on Jun 30, 10 at 4:29pm
  • Haha. That's sad, yet funny ^

    Submitted by fuckKEITHSTONE on Jun 30, 10 at 2:22pm
  • I know someone that does this hers is hello kitty lol

    Submitted by freakgirl on Jun 30, 10 at 4:05pm
  • Vader please.....*James Earl Jones Voice* U don't know the power of the dark side.....this is CNN

    Submitted by evolwayz on Jun 30, 10 at 2:34pm
  • Penis

    Submitted by toro101 on Jul 1, 10 at 2:08pm
  • How come all you Americans are addicted to prescription drugs? It seems like they hand them out like candy, so a pez dispenser seems fitting. Not tryin to piss anyone off, just curious...

    Submitted by spliffy on Jun 30, 10 at 10:03pm
    • I'm American and I'm not addicted to prescription drugs

      Submitted by jhodge1 on Jul 1, 10 at 3:32am
  • Classic.

    Submitted by 7elocin7 on Jun 30, 10 at 3:46pm
  • Epic win!!

    Submitted by JinxMK on Jun 30, 10 at 6:24pm
  • Please do the rest of us a favor and overdose.

    Submitted by anonymouse1 on Jun 30, 10 at 4:43pm
  • @notTexan Please reproduce. That was funny.

    Submitted by dawgs on Jul 1, 10 at 3:41am
  • My friends actually call me pez for that same reason...but fuck the hydrocodone..step that shit up

    Submitted by wtfhappened916 on Jul 1, 10 at 12:06am
  • Vader for sure...

    Submitted by jennasue23 on Jul 20, 10 at 7:04pm
  • Who does pills anymore? It's all about poking the smot

    Submitted by assassin on Jul 16, 10 at 6:36pm
  • @jondime...actually the 10/325 hydrcodones/narcos/hydrocs/wutevers would fit very nicely in a pez dispencer

    Submitted by evolwayz on Jun 30, 10 at 7:16pm
  • I popped 4 of those yesterday and was having so much fun

    Submitted by brandohhhh on Jul 1, 10 at 2:42am
  • Considering it is speed is happening here... U want the kid to die\nFrom respiratory depression and hepatic nephro toxicity go ahead

    Submitted by gavinshope on Jul 2, 10 at 3:25am
  • eppa eppa Speedy fo sho

    Submitted by motley on Mar 17, 11 at 11:40pm
  • usually we just call it vicodin...and we don't get pills that are small enough to fit in a pez despenser...

    Submitted by NationOfThizzlam on Jul 1, 10 at 12:33pm
  • So lemme guess, must be the best way to distribute to younganss?

    Submitted by redrum_SQUAIDS on Jul 3, 10 at 10:05am
  • It's all fun and games until somebody OD's. Don't say it will never happen cause it can. You start with the hydros then you keep going to something a little stronger and a little stronger and then you take more than ur body can handle. Plus, taking more of them than recommended is really hard on ur kidneys due to the Tylenol in them. Just saying.

    Submitted by littlemissy on Jul 1, 10 at 9:12pm