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  • Four Loko!

    Submitted by TheDiscoPant on May 25, 10 at 12:36pm
    • those are the best, hands down. Almost single handedly responsible for my fledgling long term abusive alcoholism though. I realized it the other day when i couldn't go to sleep without one

      Submitted by tjcrull on May 25, 10 at 2:29pm

      Submitted by MoFruity on May 26, 10 at 7:21am
  • I love Bukowski! He is amazing. I'd like to meet the person who has his life. Hank from Californication is based off of him, I believe.

    Submitted by FunWriter21 on May 25, 10 at 12:58pm
    • at least someone acknowledges his true genius :D

      Submitted by jacksoncutler on May 25, 10 at 5:16pm
    • he sure is. Though not quite to the bukowski level, Hank Moody is most definitely bad ass.

      Submitted by Bilbo_Baggins on May 25, 10 at 6:12pm
  • No one effing say first cuz you lick my weener.

    Submitted by hentailover on May 25, 10 at 12:35pm
  • The movie barfly is also based on him! Love it!!

    Submitted by henai on May 27, 10 at 5:14am
  • Joose....

    Submitted by fnawesomewes on May 26, 10 at 12:42am
  • Five

    Submitted by Anonymous on May 25, 10 at 1:22pm
  • Sounds more like Bill W's story than anything

    Submitted by Phys on May 25, 10 at 2:28pm
  • I wish I could like this 100 times. If you don't know who bukowski is get 2 bottles of wine and google him.

    Submitted by cjschmidt2 on May 26, 10 at 12:30am
  • FOURLOKOS are my best fucking friendss:)

    Submitted by shrivledballs on May 25, 10 at 10:15pm
  • My favorite book of his is women.

    Submitted by shefchik21 on May 26, 10 at 2:58am