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  • It's the playoffs, leave the man alone!

    Submitted by moonie on May 20, 10 at 1:39pm
  • Maybe if she was in the kitchen cooking for him, the man could eat a proper meal while he watches the playoffs.

    Submitted by ChefC on May 20, 10 at 3:30pm
  • I hope they mean tomato sauce or tomato soup, because tomato paste is literally tomatoes and salt with a little water. Gross.

    Submitted by abyss on May 20, 10 at 3:56pm
  • So that's why she never called back. You bitch.

    Submitted by regalbeagle on May 20, 10 at 1:34pm
  • Hey! This is about meeeee! Now tell me how am I supposed to live without you?

    Submitted by michaelbolton on May 20, 10 at 3:21pm
  • Wtf... Tomato paste is amazing to eat, I'm not even joking

    Submitted by Kryle on May 20, 10 at 6:48pm
  • I agree. Cook the man a decent meal.

    Submitted by geezyfbaby on May 20, 10 at 3:48pm
  • Sad and pathetic...watching the playoffs, gross. ;)

    Submitted by Savagejay on May 20, 10 at 1:57pm
  • Men should be able to cook. Period. It's a necessary skill, and no self-respecting human being should eat straight tomato paste. You're two ingredients away from pasta, soup, dip, and many other things which are better.

    Submitted by Brian_in_Indy on May 24, 10 at 12:30pm
  • he sounds fun

    Submitted by deedee on May 20, 10 at 8:38pm
  • I don't really see a problem. I mean I guess it's gross to eat tomato paste but other than that, dude sounds cool.

    Submitted by wompbass on May 20, 10 at 1:30pm
  • Ewwwwwww. That is some nasty shit.

    Submitted by Chuck_Bass_FTW on May 20, 10 at 8:04pm
  • Haha that's great. This man should be idolized.

    Submitted by Anonymous on May 20, 10 at 2:40pm
  • Blackhawks are gonna win

    Submitted by arioch9 on May 20, 10 at 4:16pm
  • tomato paste = weird, bottle of wine = f@g

    Submitted by urallstupid on May 20, 10 at 6:51pm
  • God I love St. Petersburg.

    Submitted by BirdsofReverie on May 21, 10 at 12:42am
  • Tomato paste is the shit, I love it!!

    Submitted by Tinkrrbel24 on May 22, 10 at 1:50am