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  • I want to play this drinking game. Please explain.

    Submitted by BS621 on May 13, 10 at 10:17pm
  • What is... *BARF*

    Submitted by whiteknave on May 12, 10 at 3:47pm
  • "What is" a lame text....

    Submitted by Rubes_Carnies on May 12, 10 at 3:40pm
  • Awesome. Going to do it.

    Submitted by kaceann on May 12, 10 at 3:17pm
  • Take a shot everytime you don't know the answer? Those shots cost 20 grand tuition...

    Submitted by yeah_im_shy on May 12, 10 at 5:34pm
  • Ha jackass

    Submitted by manscoy on May 12, 10 at 3:20pm
  • rules:\nyou drink if someone else answers correctly before you. if you answer incorrectly you drink. at the beginning everyone picks a player. if the player gets it right others drink, gets it wrong you drink. daily doubles, your player gets it right, others drink twice, gets it wrong you drink twice. beer is the best way to play. make sure you grab at least a 12er if 3 people are playing. recommend recording jeopardy so you can play back to back episodes etc.

    Submitted by moats on May 16, 10 at 2:51am
  • Haha. Take a drink everytime someone asks a question...

    Submitted by bd36 on May 13, 10 at 2:00am

    Submitted by jjk on May 12, 10 at 3:17pm
  • I'll take removes a spray tan for $1000

    Submitted by leadbelly on May 13, 10 at 1:11pm
  • Only Connecticut..,.

    Submitted by CPJB07 on May 13, 10 at 1:23am
  • My drinking word is what is

    Submitted by crackajake on May 16, 10 at 2:56pm
  • I've got you beat, watch Saving Private Ryan, and everytime you see someone die: everyone takes shots. Quickest way to fail out of college I've found...

    Submitted by 1now on May 14, 10 at 4:42am