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  • Submitted by bretmb54 on May 5, 10 at 1:55am

    I kno this person and it's actually a legit text!!

  • Submitted by Rubes_Carnies on May 4, 10 at 4:20pm

    wrong site, your looking for Chat Roulette.....

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    Submitted by lenamwall on May 5, 10 at 6:44am

    Haha yeah I hope they were big!

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    Submitted by fd1 on May 4, 10 at 5:49pm

    I pick the good ones to send lol

  • Submitted by nsgf on May 4, 10 at 5:01pm


  • Submitted by carolinek89 on May 13, 10 at 12:52am

    hey bret! I have the pic shes talkng about! i win!!!

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    Submitted by 425guy on May 4, 10 at 4:08pm

    I hope it's only the impressive ones... though, I am wondering at the collection techniques he's using. Asking random dudes to drop trou, locker room hidden cameras, or just internet searches.

  • Submitted by miasophie on May 4, 10 at 4:21pm

    Really r these things real?

  • Submitted by cdroberts1990 on May 5, 10 at 11:14am

    Good ole st Tammany Parrish

  • Submitted by jjk on May 4, 10 at 4:05pm