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  • Submitted by gummybear on Apr 24, 10 at 2:40pm

    I think you're answering my vaginas prayers as well, which weekend is this?

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    Submitted by shelbyatkinson on Apr 24, 10 at 2:51pm

    Sometimes it pays to be a firefighter... I know I sure like the perks of it.

  • Submitted by codii on Apr 24, 10 at 3:08pm

    It's like an awesome Porno!

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    Submitted by PercivalJenkins on Apr 26, 10 at 1:32am

    Sad...Good for Firefighters, Bad still, sad.

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    Submitted by ceejiesqueejie on Apr 26, 10 at 9:51am

    Hahahaha Titusville!!

  • Submitted by hannahcowgirl on Apr 25, 10 at 8:01am

    You have no idea how jealous I am of you right now. No. Fucking. Idea.

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    Submitted by koric573 on Apr 24, 10 at 2:36pm

    What are the firefighter games?

    • Submitted by Herschel on Apr 24, 10 at 2:50pm

      Presumably, a skills contest played by firefighters - dragging a dummy through a building, shit like that.

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    Submitted by foxx on Apr 26, 10 at 1:42pm

    Who's vagina doesn't have that wish!

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    Submitted by lyssloves20 on Apr 25, 10 at 4:31pm

    That has to be the best few weeks ever

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    Submitted by joeyg8226 on Apr 26, 10 at 1:03pm

    Do cops get the same perks??

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    Submitted by trishabobisha on Apr 24, 10 at 9:02pm

    Thats funny cuz my dad will be bowling in the Firefighter games in Tampa.

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    Submitted by Anonymous on Apr 27, 10 at 2:20am

    What up what up. Tampa be the $hit

  • Submitted by itsdaneub on Apr 24, 10 at 9:09pm

    Haha that's awesome, I will be competing in the games the 26-28! Lol

  • Submitted by alysonangela on Apr 24, 10 at 2:49pm

    April 23rd to May 8th\nI would know, I'm from Tampa

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    Submitted by tmbabyyy on Apr 25, 10 at 8:56am

    Hahaha countdown county!! I probably know the person who posted it.

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    Submitted by hayowayo on Apr 24, 10 at 6:21pm

    Yummy! Police and fire games were in Vancouver this summer, so many attractive firemen I will NEVER see again

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    Submitted by trexeatspeople on Apr 25, 10 at 1:53pm

    Yay 321, damnit I feel like I know who posted this. Sounds like Katie.

  • Submitted by sunshine1114 on Apr 25, 10 at 2:44pm

    I'm so jealous of you.

  • Submitted by bkow on Apr 24, 10 at 4:02pm

    You dumb slut

  • Submitted by tmbabyyy on Apr 25, 10 at 6:31pm

    okay so I deff know one person who posted on here. I was deff. Thinking the same thing about who posted this!!