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  • Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 31, 10 at 10:39am

    No sex? That sucks. But the weed sounds good

  • Submitted by druz2 on Mar 31, 10 at 10:27am

    Definately quality weed.

  • Submitted by britney09 on Mar 31, 10 at 5:11pm

    Good times!!!!

  • Submitted by Sgt_Slapaho on Mar 31, 10 at 2:48pm

    How the fuck does that make him a pussy? That has got to be some quality weed that probably cost him a shitload of money. You are probably just some person who spent all their money on their iPhone/itouch and now the only weed you can afford is the shit that your dealer just got done pissing on. Think before you speak dipshit.

  • Submitted by psydog on Mar 31, 10 at 4:38pm

    Yeah but he was laughing at the tv and you were laughing at his little dick. He thought you guys shared a moment. That's just mean.

  • Submitted by DTF420 on Apr 23, 10 at 12:30am

    Good shit.

  • Submitted by spunky87 on Apr 1, 10 at 7:55pm

    weed makes it better. the better quality the better sex

  • Submitted by aliautomatic on Jul 29, 10 at 2:01am

    Really...that happened to me and my boyfriend the other day...Timmy if this is you I am going to high five you for posting this.

  • Submitted by cazzo on Mar 31, 10 at 12:30pm

    No weed would stop me from pounding Vag. That guys a pussy..

    • Submitted by ohhhgirl on Apr 21, 10 at 8:59am

      when it happened to me, it wasn't because he wasn't into it... we just literally could NOT stop laughing... and then we'd start wrestling... and kinda forgot we were going to have sex... then we couldn't get our clothes off. it's just funny. :)

  • Submitted by seckztiger on Apr 5, 10 at 6:37pm

    I've actually been there xD

  • Submitted by birrdieface on Apr 2, 10 at 3:04am

    Haha this is my text and I'm a girl! He got the weed though.

  • Submitted by one_love on Mar 31, 10 at 2:56pm

    how do you know it's a dude?

  • Submitted by ohhhgirl on Mar 31, 10 at 10:31pm

    I'm a girl... and this DEF happened to me on spring break... it was goooood. :) ...but we did eventually figure it out!

    • Submitted by birrdieface on Apr 2, 10 at 6:09pm

      haha yeah we figured it out too eventually.

  • Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 31, 10 at 9:28pm

    Woah 248, are you a little touchy because it's happened to you?but it's true.there is weed capable of uncontrollable laughing.and it's awesome.good exercise!

  • Submitted by birrdieface on Apr 2, 10 at 12:40pm

    This is my text and I'm a girl! lol he got the weed though.