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  • Not liking free bird is unamerican.

    Submitted by bill86bill on Mar 23, 10 at 11:43am
  • good for you man, i would've loved to see that. freebird<3

    Submitted by makeitglow on Mar 23, 10 at 11:42am
  • How do you not like freebird!? My favorite is when it's played at the end of the devils rejects. Best use of a song in a movie ever.

    Submitted by ksloan on Mar 23, 10 at 12:18pm
  • Cowboys? Seriously? You are within walking distance of at least 64 differant establishments that are way less embarassing than cowboys!

    Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 23, 10 at 11:24pm
  • Greatest song ever, any man would do the same thing

    Submitted by Hoser on Mar 23, 10 at 12:56pm
  • Tumes-so true!!

    Submitted by comagirl on Mar 23, 10 at 3:36pm
  • Freebird!

    Submitted by The_Fireman on Mar 25, 10 at 1:17pm
  • I hate that bar.....

    Submitted by mtruzinski on Jan 29, 11 at 1:59pm
  • Best bar in the Springs? Really? The best bar in the Spring is gettin the fuck out of the Springs and drinking in Denver.

    Submitted by tumes on Mar 23, 10 at 3:06pm
  • Kinda fake... Funny as shit though!

    Submitted by IAmStoned on Mar 23, 10 at 5:55pm
  • This sounds like all of friends back in The 719

    Submitted by speakersBlown6 on Mar 23, 10 at 1:00pm
  • Yikes. first.

    Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 23, 10 at 11:26am
  • Fantastic. Nuff said

    Submitted by smontini on Mar 24, 10 at 2:58am
  • You always know a text is fake when it ends with "pick me up", or "come get me"... Or if it's on TFLN.

    Submitted by ColoroutofSpacr on Mar 23, 10 at 9:58pm
  • Haha I miss Colorado Springs

    Submitted by CaptW on Mar 23, 10 at 4:20pm
  • I just have to say. Cowboys was the best bar in The Springs until they opened Copperhead Road. I'm just saying.

    Submitted by teebee81 on Mar 23, 10 at 1:28pm
  • If u like freebird u have got to love the cock. So guess that goes for all u freebird liking homosexuals.

    Submitted by Anonymous on Mar 23, 10 at 11:48am
  • Thanks comagirl. The fact the Cowboys and Rum Bay are a few doors away from each other baffles me, must be a lot of fun to see those two bars let out at the same time.

    Submitted by tumes on Mar 23, 10 at 5:36pm
  • Ksloan, I agree! It's the perfect end song to it.

    Submitted by noconcern on Mar 23, 10 at 10:17pm

    Submitted by wtfnick on Mar 23, 10 at 7:33pm
  • Please... just call for a taxi and get you your ass back to Ft Carson ass eyes!

    Submitted by dreamcrusher on Mar 24, 10 at 12:16am
  • Hah I love cowboys! 719s the shit!

    Submitted by SirSwank on Jun 14, 10 at 4:25am
  • This could be anyone I know

    Submitted by Ummey on Oct 15, 11 at 9:06pm
  • What?! Freebird is almost as American as the national anthem!

    Submitted by Jennamatic_3000 on Oct 9, 11 at 4:51pm
  • I LOVE COWBOYS. The Springs is the best.

    Submitted by Cannabeetch on Oct 19, 10 at 6:57pm
  • Hahaha your first mistake \nwas going to cowboys😭

    Submitted by 719/720 on Nov 26, 16 at 5:08am