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  • Okay, you can't just send that text and then leave it at that. We've got to hear the whole story now!

    Submitted by Rotarrin on Nov 4, 14 at 8:57am
  • you didn't have to. look the other way. safe to say ur outta the will

    Submitted by tut1704 on Nov 4, 14 at 6:24pm
  • Jeez, let your folks smoke a joint once in a while. Get that nightstick out of your ass and join them. Sounds like you need it more than them.

    Submitted by King_Domcum on Nov 4, 14 at 8:54am
    • Before you go judging, it's usually a good idea to have as much info as possible first...

      Submitted by Rotarrin on Nov 4, 14 at 8:57am
    • What if it wasn't them smoking a joint? What if it was something serious, like a domestic disturbance?

      Submitted by RazorTongue on Sep 7, 15 at 4:33pm
  • Who does that?

    Submitted by skeezer on Nov 7, 14 at 7:51am
  • Friday yes. But never on a Sunday...

    Submitted by BusterHymen2 on Nov 5, 14 at 5:54pm