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  • Submitted by crazydoglady on Feb 20, 14 at 5:08am

    Best response ever.

  • Submitted by MononokeWolf on Feb 20, 14 at 1:42pm

    If he cannot appreciate a humorous response, why do you want to be with him? Even if I was horny as hell, I'd find that response from my girlfriend hilarious.

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    Submitted by Adlerc on Feb 20, 14 at 11:25am


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      Submitted by thisfox on Feb 23, 14 at 12:38am


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    Submitted by PizdaLvr on Feb 20, 14 at 6:52am

    Could be forever alone if you keep speaking in hash tag. Or should I say "pound sign and or key" because that's what it really is.

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      Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Feb 20, 14 at 6:37pm

      TWIAVBP: It's only a "pound sign" in the U.S. In the U.K. and a few other countries, "£" is a "pound sign." In countries that don't use pounds as currency and use kilograms for mass, they don't know WTF a "pound" is. Outside the U.S., it's a "hash" or "number" sign, or an "octothorpe."

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        Submitted by PizdaLvr on Feb 21, 14 at 9:25am

        Very interesting facts on the #.......But I still hate hash tag useless social media banter.

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    Submitted by OMFGItsSamm on Feb 20, 14 at 8:23am

    tic-tac-toe forevealone