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  • is this a vocabulary word for you? were you excited when you used it in a sentence? *this is the dumbest sentence in the world.

    Submitted by Anonymous on Jul 9, 09 at 10:49pm
  • I hate this

    Submitted by osubeast on Jun 19, 10 at 9:54pm
  • And all sarcasm aside I think the word you were over reaching for would be "nefarious". Nebulous describes types of clouds. But is they are that high, maybe cloud trippin!

    Submitted by bitterandalone on Jul 10, 11 at 3:18am
  • And yet still so stratus at others....this is confusing me and we didn't even talk about cumulous. Don't even get started on that with me. Good luck with your meteorology carreer BTW

    Submitted by bitterandalone on Jul 10, 11 at 3:15am
  • Hey, I regularly use "nebulous" in everyday conversation.

    Submitted by Anonymous on Sep 29, 09 at 12:35am
  • lol. i like it, but i was hoping for a better definition than "a cool person" lol

    Submitted by Anonymous on Dec 1, 09 at 11:41pm