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  • Sometimes hands-off until they hit bottom is the best, otherwise they don't learn to not let themselves go. At the same time it can be hard to watch. Enjoy your wine. But be ready to be there when she finally cries for help.

    Submitted by fly_bi_night on Jul 27, 13 at 7:47am
  • Amanda Bynes we are prayin fur ya.

    Submitted by doiou2 on Jul 27, 13 at 9:57am
  • Put on Pretty Hate Machine instead?

    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Jul 26, 13 at 9:12pm
  • Skanks like this? I bet that wine comes in a box

    Submitted by ck24 on Jul 27, 13 at 12:18am
  • Nigglet nig nig nigglet.

    Submitted by firstisworst on Jul 26, 13 at 7:13pm