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  • Why was the cat in the bathroom with you? And if it wasn't, why were you applying Nair anywhere but the bathroom?

    Submitted by flyinggirl139 on Jul 10, 13 at 9:21pm
    • A guy in my dorm freshman year thought it was acceptable to Nair his chest in our common room. Very, very unacceptable.

      Submitted by llamachicaou on Jul 14, 13 at 9:52am
  • surprised the cat went anywhere near you, that stuff smells fucking awful

    Submitted by techdevil on Jul 18, 13 at 3:27am
  • Now you have 2 hairless pussies!

    Submitted by wolfskie on Jul 10, 13 at 9:00pm
  • And the cat hates you too!

    Submitted by tracilynne40 on Jul 11, 13 at 5:11am