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    Submitted by whoudini on Jul 3, 13 at 1:39pm

    Yah and I have a strange feeling her twin sis may spill the beans about this one, too...just sayin

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    Submitted by PHD1026 on Jul 4, 13 at 1:19am

    Maybe thetwin does anal

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    Submitted by Axel5238 on Jul 6, 13 at 3:48am

    Yes because breaking it off requires too much common sense. Sleep with the sister and you deserve whatever happens. Cheating is bad enough as it.

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    Submitted by RachShapiro8 on Jul 3, 13 at 3:58pm

    That's hardly a joke, buddy..

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    Submitted by OllieFranks on Jul 3, 13 at 2:17pm

    My phone autocorrected asshole to Ashlie...ruined my joke...

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    Submitted by OllieFranks on Jul 3, 13 at 2:16pm

    It's the perfect crime; you can convince her that you thought you were being faithful. That might split up the family, but if you're an Ashlie enough to cheat, than what do you care? I say go for it, asshole!