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  • "Tithe and flex and tithe and flex. Give 'til it hurts now"

    Submitted by fly_bi_night on May 24, 13 at 8:10am
  • Now get in here and sweat for Jesus

    Submitted by bass80hz on May 23, 13 at 9:50am
  • you don't HAVE to be there

    Submitted by WV_kiwi on May 23, 13 at 10:20pm
  • Jesus Fonda

    Submitted by BigBadWolf92782 on May 23, 13 at 9:37pm
  • Your mom hates you being home too. She's just doing it to try to get you to leave.

    Submitted by jonathan171 on May 26, 13 at 1:33am
  • Fuckin Bible Belt.

    Submitted by jklovem on May 23, 13 at 1:28pm
  • I would never come home if my parents were bible thumpers or Jesus freaks. It's like holly crap- what makes you people believe in fairy tales. Religions are all bogus but Christians and Muslims are really fucked up. Jesus rose from the dead. The Easter Bunny is real and Samta Deives a with. SE BA.

    Submitted by Dsapeer on May 24, 13 at 3:21am