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  • "Gee, bank account, why you gotta be so negative?" \n\nOh, that's why.

    Submitted by fly_bi_night on May 23, 13 at 7:47am
  • Cry for help? Step up your game an quit being a pu$$y.

    Submitted by roughnecked7 on May 23, 13 at 12:14am
  • 200 bucks in TWO WEEKS?!?1? Freaking amateurs, I tell ya...I spent $800 just last week, and I'm a bartender, so I get free booze most of the time.

    Submitted by poopsocks on May 24, 13 at 12:28am
  • That sounds about right for me, if that's a cry for help, I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

    Submitted by SmellyShorts on May 22, 13 at 2:37pm
  • That's one night at the titty bar grasshopper... An early night at that!

    Submitted by AngrySailor on May 22, 13 at 3:02pm
  • Call me once you have $1500 table minimums.

    Submitted by fratguy702 on Jun 10, 14 at 4:07am