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  • Submitted by jimboland50 on May 20, 13 at 4:09pm

    shout-out to 90's babies without babies

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      Submitted by Pronfairy on May 21, 13 at 9:30am

      There are but so few of us left.

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      Submitted by Griffmaster01 on May 26, 13 at 9:45am

      Zero percent jealous of all the people I went to high school with who have babies now.

  • Submitted by dmoney1234 on May 20, 13 at 7:13pm

    Having never been to one and thankfully having a penis and therefore will never have to go to one, I would think being high would be the only way to tolerate one of those things.

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    Submitted by Leigh_ofkent on May 20, 13 at 5:28pm

    Sounds about right to me

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    Submitted by kazkayde on May 20, 13 at 11:35pm

    Went to a baby shower stoned once..... Playing the sober game while sitting next to your grandmother is awkward as shit.

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    Submitted by exosus on May 20, 13 at 9:11pm


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    Submitted by Hummmph on May 20, 13 at 9:31pm

    And I love how others comment on others comments like such an injustice was done! Maybe if I had posted, "Way to go girl, get all blazed up and hit that shower", such soapbox replies wouldn't happen. Suck a lemon dick smack.

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      Submitted by Axel5238 on May 21, 13 at 3:38am

      Unfortunately, there is a fair amount of stoners/druggies here that think driving high/going to work fucked up is ok. Judging by some of the comments you can tell who's gonna have a trip to rehab in the near future.

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    Submitted by steve9867 on May 21, 13 at 1:06am

    Haha this is my area code. I go to everything stoned, don't feel bad OP.

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    Submitted by slammin211s on May 20, 13 at 11:44pm

    youre normal just like me ... everyone i know that got married young / had kids is now divorced and stuck dumping money on child support

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    Submitted by tralaleigh on Jun 5, 13 at 4:38pm

    lol wow people... first of all there is nothing immature about smoking weed. thinking that IS immature. if u cant handle smoking pot thats ur problem. some ppl can function better and are more responsible than others. second, lighten the fuck up! jeez people its TFLN!

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    Submitted by spydr86 on May 20, 13 at 8:28pm

    I love how serious people get... Fuckin relax its TFLN

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    Submitted by sophia3394 on May 22, 13 at 11:53pm

    90's baby who's not gonna have babies! \nEVER.

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    Submitted by shainahh on May 21, 13 at 9:05pm

    It's the only way. I was drunk at a 4 year olds birthday party the other day. too many children...

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    Submitted by bigjwin on May 20, 13 at 10:47pm

    Way too young

  • Submitted by Hummmph on May 20, 13 at 8:04pm

    I think you're too immature to go to a baby shower, grow up and get some tact.