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    Submitted by doiou2 on Apr 25, 13 at 10:26am

    I have nothing. speechless.

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    Submitted by sheepye12 on Apr 25, 13 at 10:55am

    Gotta love Parma

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    Submitted by shelb_woo on Apr 25, 13 at 2:04pm

    This is awesome, Cowboy ass is the hottest ass of all. You guys are all just haters. I say get it however you can 😜

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    Submitted by rikie83 on Apr 25, 13 at 12:31pm

    Highasballs was so offended by this, he had to post a stupid comment without using his name in it. What a douche.

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    Submitted by LemmePhister on Apr 25, 13 at 10:06am

    "i wish I knew how to quit you"

  • 34 83
    Submitted by highasballs on Apr 25, 13 at 9:34am

    Where you will be shot on site. There is no toleration down south faygle