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    Submitted by fly_bi_night on Apr 1, 13 at 8:06am

    If you were doing it right, she'd be screaming your name, not looking for something to take her mind off you.

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    Submitted by swampbaby985 on Mar 31, 13 at 9:18am

    Either your that boring in bed that she started talking into a fan or chick is just really weird

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    Submitted by Yeep on Mar 31, 13 at 10:58am


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    Submitted by feelthegirth on Mar 31, 13 at 11:14pm

    Obvious indicator you are doing it wrong! Step aside and let someone with the right training and equipment show you how it is done.

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    Submitted by llamachicaou on Apr 1, 13 at 2:07pm

    No. No it does not.