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  • mayor? he's it's fucking king

    Submitted by Numnutz on Feb 23, 13 at 12:13pm
  • Friend zone: the archnemises of poundtown

    Submitted by dmoney1234 on Feb 23, 13 at 11:50am
  • I had heard rumors of a woman so cold blooded... So the ice queen exists huh

    Submitted by ck24 on Feb 23, 13 at 1:31pm
  • Assuming he actually would want to have sex with her rather than just beating off to her nudie pics, that's beyond "Mayor of the friendzone" and into "complete doormat." Grow a spine, dude.

    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Feb 23, 13 at 1:15pm
  • Ha! Done that!! Some guys actually like "proofing" pics ;)

    Submitted by Key_umm on Feb 24, 13 at 12:17am
  • If it works for them, doesn't hurt any of you....

    Submitted by felidae on Feb 25, 13 at 11:28am
  • Is he taken I need a friend

    Submitted by NneedOfAFriend on Mar 17, 13 at 8:13am
  • Of you've already had her before its not actually a big deal. It's more like reminiscing about good times and laughing about what the lucky bastard has coming to him

    Submitted by Florida_pride on Mar 3, 13 at 3:09am
  • Lol sure he doesn't mind

    Submitted by ihearts_fukit77 on Feb 26, 13 at 1:00am
  • Arthurlux: grow a pair, dude! She's not gonna fuck you! She's rubbing your face in that fact! Wanker!

    Submitted by CapnArt on Feb 25, 13 at 2:37am
  • Maybe he likes guys

    Submitted by taterslc on Feb 23, 13 at 10:16pm
  • Dude, I've been in that situation. It's the best thing ever, next to actually fucking the girl.

    Submitted by arthurlux on Feb 24, 13 at 12:56am