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  • Submitted by crockpot on Feb 7, 13 at 3:03pm

    I don't know how this makes you awesome...

  • Submitted by slothistotle on Feb 7, 13 at 6:28pm

    Yeah, because groupies are always considered awesome and never have to worry about being discarded like a piece of trash after they out live their usefulness...

  • Submitted by duchess21 on Feb 7, 13 at 10:45pm

    I didn't know awesome also means sleazy...I learn something new everyday.

  • Submitted by okieraider71 on Feb 8, 13 at 4:03am

    Want to really impress us? Don't screw one while thinking about the other. Pull a 3- way with both of them. While thinking about all the people who will be "watching" you in their mind.

  • Submitted by cfreymarc on Feb 8, 13 at 4:31am

    Nothing worst than a band jumping slut.

  • Submitted by nitro420 on Feb 7, 13 at 4:18pm

    Sounds pretty lame to me if you're doing a guy in a band. #nostandards

  • Submitted by UniqueNordic on Feb 7, 13 at 4:12pm

    You're really going places, kid

  • Submitted by ladyivey on Feb 8, 13 at 4:30pm

    Sounds like a bunch of you are jealous douchebags who hold a double standard... I also like how she's a slut caused she fucked one musician...