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  • Submitted by HeatherGdubV on Nov 4, 12 at 12:04pm

    I will vote for you, in 2020.

  • Submitted by JJdoggie on Nov 4, 12 at 11:09am

    Adults with jobs do that to. It's called alcohol and drug abuse, not college.

  • Submitted by katypsu620 on Nov 4, 12 at 4:51pm

    I'm sure Jesus would be proud. Enjoy rehab and the classes that you took for the degree you never finished.

  • Submitted by ramblinman on Nov 4, 12 at 10:59am

    And they say there's no hope for the future of our country

  • Submitted by h3li0 on Nov 4, 12 at 1:03pm

    Because simply sucking it up and using your brain would be too much to ask.

  • Submitted by zengame on Nov 4, 12 at 5:56pm

    Whatever it takes OP, whatever it takes.

  • Submitted by 0ezthepez0 on Nov 5, 12 at 3:34am

    Why can't I up vote more than once?

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    Submitted by Tantalizing006 on Nov 9, 12 at 9:49am

    If I had thought of that i'd finished a year earlier.....

  • Submitted by jsonner33 on Nov 4, 12 at 5:37pm

    Harsh comments! Looks like you guys never had fun in college! Or went to college.. Anyway, party on!