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    Submitted by Binders_of_Women on Oct 27, 12 at 8:55pm

    So is one half Brazilian and the other a bush?

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    Submitted by sprints54 on Oct 27, 12 at 4:11pm

    Double vag? Your a hardcore slut aren't you

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    Submitted by sparx007 on Oct 27, 12 at 4:19pm

    how exactly does that work?

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      Submitted by cfreymarc on Oct 27, 12 at 4:51pm

      My guess is that one half of the vulva have a Dr. Jekyll body paint while the other half is Hyde. Seen this done as an Angel / Devil whole body nude outfit down the vulva on a girl at the Exotic Erotic years ago.

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        Submitted by plygtr85 on Oct 27, 12 at 7:42pm

        or just shave half of it.

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          Submitted by GA_Peach on Oct 27, 12 at 7:59pm

          That would annoy me beyond words!!

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            Submitted by plygtr85 on Oct 28, 12 at 12:35pm

            I rock the abe lincoln :)

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    Submitted by TexasWDollarsign on Oct 28, 12 at 7:19am

    I have something I want to Hyde in her...

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    Submitted by bikner on Oct 28, 12 at 12:45am

    No matter what I love you...

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    Submitted by DonkeyLipps on Nov 1, 12 at 2:28am

    It would be cool if she did the angel/devil thing and had half a halo shaved in to one side of her bush and then a devil horn shaved in to the other side. Now that would be awesome with full body paint!