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    Submitted by dmoney1234 on Oct 8, 12 at 1:14pm

    This is an act of terrorism.

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    Submitted by ThisCantBeReal on Oct 8, 12 at 9:27pm

    Explain to me how a dude fucking a chick while wearing an American flag is not one of the most patriotic act a man can do? Someone should hand this man a poncho, and catch him a cab.

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    Submitted by funkhmmmm1 on Oct 8, 12 at 2:48pm

    Report? what? You apparently have no respect for the American Flag, so what is there to report?

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    Submitted by NPH9384 on Oct 8, 12 at 6:06pm

    Nationalism is overrated anyway

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    Submitted by SuaSponte2_75th on Oct 8, 12 at 3:50pm

    After you throw yourself off a bridge or tall building...