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    Submitted by jimboland50 on Oct 5, 12 at 12:10pm

    fleetwood mac everytime

  • 77 44
    Submitted by wubbazugg on Oct 5, 12 at 11:52pm

    Fleetwood Mac for sure.

  • 73 47
    Submitted by sarahrae on Oct 6, 12 at 8:20am

    Full House all the way. Uncle Jesse always wins.

  • 92 86
    Submitted by ck24 on Oct 5, 12 at 11:34am

    AND Romney destroyed Obama... ROMNEY 2012 you Obamacare loving bitches!

    • 70 41
      Submitted by StyrofoamBoots on Oct 5, 12 at 5:32pm

      lying /= winning

      • 62 52
        Submitted by Lilmomma8606 on Oct 5, 12 at 11:30pm

        We are talking about a political debate.. Dunno if I've ever heard an ounce of truth during one of those..

    • 62 56
      Submitted by ccarson1992 on Oct 6, 12 at 4:22pm

      Romney is going to destroy our country. Go ahead. Vote for him. In four years (if he wins) when he's planning to wipe out the elderly, poor, children, and soldiers I don't wanna hear any complaints. Js.

  • 72 49
    Submitted by armchairguru on Oct 5, 12 at 5:50pm

    If Obama gets half the number of votes in the election that Romney comments get down votes here, he's got it in the bag like eighty eight's head during anal.

  • 66 62
    Submitted by icepick23 on Oct 5, 12 at 11:29am

    You are a stupid person.

  • 59 55
    Submitted by ConcernedCitizen on Oct 7, 12 at 10:49am

    Definitely Full House! Jodie Sweetin got super hot! Minus the meth