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  • Submitted by ashannen25 on Sep 5, 12 at 8:17pm

    Unless you're twelve, dry humping is not an accomplishment.

  • Submitted by Problywasme on Sep 5, 12 at 2:49pm

    You work at a strip club, quit bitching!

  • Submitted by cfreymarc on Sep 5, 12 at 9:26pm

    What's wrong with working a double shift?

  • Submitted by Umbrae_Jokes on Sep 5, 12 at 2:51pm

    It's ok women work half as hard as men. We won't miss your help dont sweat it.

  • Submitted by Courtzd91 on Sep 5, 12 at 3:38pm

    Awkward moment when its actually a guy who was being dry humped! Lol