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  • Submitted by SoMuchStupidity on Sep 1, 12 at 10:07pm

    Sounds pretty normal to me. You pick the douche to have sex with, while the nice guy still treats You like an interesting human being.

  • Submitted by quasijohn24 on Sep 1, 12 at 1:52pm

    It's like you've living in a romantic comedy.

  • Submitted by Skipp2bad on Sep 1, 12 at 3:25pm

    Perfect relationship.

  • Submitted by stuperfantastic on Sep 1, 12 at 11:56am

    It would be sad if u were having conversations with his roommate during sex

  • Submitted by ThePubShow on Sep 1, 12 at 12:09pm

    Why are you banging his roomate?