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  • Submitted by UrLegsR_EarMuffs on Aug 28, 12 at 3:28pm


  • Submitted by Eventually on Aug 28, 12 at 2:30pm

    To be totally honest, there's only one way to find out...

  • Submitted by juunebug on Aug 28, 12 at 10:52pm

    Get a Brazilian. You will find your answer.

  • Submitted by BDVille on Aug 28, 12 at 4:19pm

    This begs the question...

  • Submitted by Problywasme on Aug 28, 12 at 3:31pm

    My money is on the latter

  • Submitted by dthbrngr on Aug 28, 12 at 2:31pm

    You don't have a boyfriend bc all the chicks in the 810 are trashy bitches.

  • Submitted by Massive_Attack on Aug 30, 12 at 3:44pm

    Lower your boyfriend standards. You obviously have low standards for personal grooming.