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  • You know you smoke too much when.....

    Submitted by A5hl3y90 on Aug 19, 12 at 11:39am
  • Bacon your way wrong I always smoke what I sell, this ain't the movies I def get high on my supply

    Submitted by Chauncey666 on Aug 19, 12 at 1:47pm
  • Bacon you are a fuckin square! Get yoshit straight fool. Most dealers smoke hella tree...

    Submitted by yunggson243 on Aug 20, 12 at 1:24am
  • You always have to sample the merchandise before you sell it. How else will you know if it's any good?

    Submitted by vicious_vamp on Aug 19, 12 at 3:12pm
  • By join his circle he meant deal with him, not smoke with him, so bacon_exctacy your argument is invalid =]

    Submitted by madie324 on Aug 19, 12 at 1:11pm
  • Fucking idiot. Dealers never smoke what they sell. Normally they don't even smoke at all because if they get caught they'll be clean and the cops can't get them for use. Fake shit.

    Submitted by Bacon_Ecstasy on Aug 19, 12 at 11:54am
    • Every dealer I know smokes me up before I buy, so I don't know wtf you're talking about.

      Submitted by Babygirlxoxo on Aug 19, 12 at 12:42pm
    • maybe the dealers in the movies don't, but mine sure as shit always have.

      Submitted by mongoose90 on Aug 19, 12 at 1:13pm
    • I think you're thinking of meth...

      Submitted by queenv on Aug 19, 12 at 11:19pm
    • you do realize its a worse.crime to sell than to use, so having the drug they sell im their system is a benefit, because they cam say they dont sell, its all for personal use, when they get caught. depending on how much they get caught with it could be tje difference between rehab and jail

      Submitted by bigballin43 on Aug 20, 12 at 12:30pm