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  • And in a few years, hanging out in the liquor store trying to find affordable drink after you blew your paycheck at Babies-R-Us.

    Submitted by cfreymarc on Aug 5, 12 at 4:12pm
  • Eighty Eight

    Submitted by Eightyeight on Aug 5, 12 at 4:04pm
  • Bitches be crazy, bitches be crazy, man.

    Submitted by GA_Peach on Aug 6, 12 at 1:38am
  • Nothing but great shopping options at the exotic Before/After Strip Mall.

    Submitted by Croooooooooow on Aug 5, 12 at 6:58pm
  • A Babies 'R' Us next to a liquor store? Yup. That's 'Merica

    Submitted by KarinaGaviria on Aug 6, 12 at 6:26am
    • Sad thing is I know exactly which one they're talking about. There's an ABC Liquor RIGHT next to the Babies R Us parking lot.

      Submitted by milklizard on Oct 25, 12 at 8:59pm
  • @88, number of times his "uncle" took him to babies r us to after the liquor store to buy his silence for the anal rapings before he learned to enjoy it

    Submitted by yourallstupid on Aug 5, 12 at 6:11pm