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    Submitted by Rabbit37 on Aug 3, 12 at 3:47pm

    Hell yeah! Perfect way to represent the 503 and ALL the PNW states.

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    Submitted by Madcritter on Aug 3, 12 at 7:56pm

    when he said men's skeet shooting I had another image entirely

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    Submitted by gadawgs23 on Aug 4, 12 at 2:32am

    That would represent `mericans way better than regular skeet shooting. Probably a lot harder too. Drink on my friends

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    Submitted by GetOffMyLawn on Aug 3, 12 at 7:34pm


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    Submitted by Kincaid333 on Aug 6, 12 at 1:52am

    For more fun, use cheap soda and don't open them. Shake, throw, shoot and enjoy the added pop!